Fundamental consensus

As a collective, we have agreed on a fundamental consensus that defines how we want to work.


Human needs have higher priority than profit maximization.
We show solidarity and are willing to compromise.
We communicate regularly, early, directly and honestly.
We trust each other.


We work free of domination.
All employees have the same right of co-determination.
We promote diversity.


We are fair to employees and customers.
We want equal, fair and transparent hourly rates and compensation.

Sustainable and ethical

We act responsibly towards our environment and our fellow human beings.
We respect the hacker ethics.
We work exclusively for civil and peaceful purposes.


We have faith in the scientific method.
We are secularist and humanist.
We stand firmly against anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination.

Qualitative and satisfactory

We are comprehensible from the outside.
We are maximally transparent and comprehensible internally.

Qualitative and satisfactory
We have high standards for ourselves.
Quality comes before speed.
We maintain long-term relationships with our clientele.
We measure our success by the satisfaction of our employees and our customers.


We do not think in terms of business years, but in terms of revolutions.
We question ourselves and are open to new ideas.
We act with the common good in mind.
We work towards an economic system that demands and promotes the above points.