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What is WorkAdventure?

WorkAdventure is a virtual world in which you move around with avatars (wokas). This world can be completely designed by you and there are no limits to your imagination: a trade fair, a university campus, a primary school, your own workplace, a replica of a city.

What's the adventure? Unlike "just" a boring videoconference, WorkAdventure gives you the opportunity to see what other Wokas are doing, where they are going, and to talk to them directly. You can videoconference together from anywhere in the world, learn together, or work on documents together. The possibilities are endless.

See for yourself:

What's the difference between WorkAdventure and Gathertown?

WorkAdventure is open source. This means that the source code is fully available. It can also be self-hosted, which provides a higher level of privacy. Gathertown is a product of Gather Presence, Inc. and has a closed source code, so it is impossible to judge what Gathertown does or does not do and how secure the tool is. In addition, the U.S. has weaker data protection laws than Europe, which in the past has led to the invalidation of data protection agreements such as the Privacy Shield.

How accessible is WorkAdventure?

We are currently "researching" ways to make WorkAdventure as accessible as possible. Among other things, we have developed the "Follow Feature". This allows you to follow another Woka by clicking on them, which is useful if you are in a group or have lost your way on a map. The ability to control the game with the arrow keys is also much more intuitive than, for example, 3D providers, making it easier to use for people who rarely use a PC or whose reaction times are limited.