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WorkAdventure Backstage Screenshot WorkAdventure Backstage Screenshot

Together with uni:code GmbH we have developed the product WA-Backstage. This is an open source admin panel for WorkAdventure. You can easily connect WA-Backstage to an existing WorKAdventure and enjoy many new features.

Manage WorkAdventure Maps
✅ Connect as many WorkAdventure maps and rooms as you like
✅ Control who gets access to your map/room/world.
(Public/only for certain user groups/access restrictions only for certain maps).

Manage WorkAdventure users
✅ Add WorkAdventure users with email addresses and send invitation links that serve as access codes
✅ Update user information in real time
✅ Give individual users admin rights

Use admin features without server knowledge
✅ Grant and revoke admin status to users
✅ Send text messages to all users of the map
✅ Possibility to send pre-recorded audio messages to all users


You can find our repository at


On you will find instructions for operation and setting options for the current version of WA-Backstage.


Coming soon