The fnordkollektiv logo consisting of a stylized 'f' and 'k' on a black background.

Who we are

fnordkollektiv (German for 'fnord' collective) is a collectively owned IT-company based in Germany. We help our partners to develop and operate software sustainably and data privacy compliant. Our focus are customized solutions for meeting people online based on open source tools like Jitsi, Nextcloud, WorkAdventure and BigBlueButton. We have strong ties to the international cooperative movement and like to work with organizations that share our values.

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Open Source Software

We operate open source software like Jitsi, Big Blue Button, Nextcloud, Hedgedoc, Gitlab, Matrix or Kimai reliably, securely and data privacy compliant. We also consult organizations in setting up or improving their open-source strategy, picking and introducing the right software and processes.


We are specialized in setting up custom versions of WorkAdventure. WorkAdventure is an open-source browser-based 2D-World which allows people to meet online. It has video- and audio-chat support. We design, build and operate WorkAdventure installations and take part in refining WorkAdventure.

Data Privacy and IT-Security

We offer IT-security and data protection consulting and reviews of data protection concepts.

Software we offer

What you need is not in our list? Just send us an e-mail.
Videoconferences: Jitsi, Big Blue Button
Office: WorkAdventure, WorkAdventure Backstage, Nextcloud, Matrix, Gitlab, Hedgedoc, Kimai, Borg Backup, OpenProject, Prometheus, Grafana, Keycloak, Vaultwarden
Web: Wordpress
Other Services: Peertube, Mobilizion

Contact us

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Core Values

Two people arm in arm holding hands and embracing. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of being amicable.

Human needs have higher priority than profit maximization. We show solidarity and are willing to compromise. We communicate regularly, early, directly and honestly. We trust each other.

Freedom & Diversity
A bird flying. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of freedom.
Freedom & Diversity

We work free of domination. All employees have the same right of co-determination. We promote diversity. We stand firmly against anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination.

A set of balance scales with a hand under each bowl, not touching it. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of fairness.

We are fair to employees and customers. We want equal, fair and transparent hourly rates and compensation.

A globe with for arrows circling around it. Symbolizing frnordkollektivs principle of sustainability.

We act responsibly towards our environment and our fellow human beings.

A magnifying glass, symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of being enlightened.

We have faith in the scientific method. We are secularist and humanist.

Quality Focus
A golden medal with a star on it. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of high quality.
Quality Focus

We have high standards for ourselves. Quality comes before speed. We maintain long-term relationships with our clientele. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our employees and our customers.

Non-Violence and Ethics
A dove holding a fig leaf in it's beak. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs commitment to non-violence and ethics.
Non-Violence and Ethics

We respect the hacker ethics. We work exclusively for civil and peaceful purposes.

A golden telescope, pointed upwards at 45°. Symbolizing fnordkollektivs tenet of being visionary.

We do not think in terms of business years, but in terms of revolutions. We question ourselves and are open to new ideas. We act with the common good in mind. We work towards an economic system that demands and promotes the above points.

Our skills

The right skills for your project | Let us code this for you

The icons indicate how many people in the collective can work on certain tasks. We all like different things and our collectivists pick the projects they like to do.
Embedded C & Embedded Linux An icon showing a person An icon showing a person
Container & Kubernetes An icon showing a person An icon showing a person An icon showing a person
IT-Sec & Data Protection An icon showing a person An icon showing a person
WorkAdventure An icon showing a person An icon showing a person An icon showing a person
Python An icon showing a person An icon showing a person An icon showing a person An icon showing a person
Ansible An icon showing a person An icon showing a person