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We offer a wide range of online seminars via Jitsi Meet. Please e-mail us with the number of participants and whether you are a private individual or a company. We will make you a custom offer based on that information.

Podcast Recording and Producing with Free Open Source Software

Want to start your own podcast but don't know where to start? We will show you how to record a professional podcast with open source tools. We will cover recording, editing and publication.

Course content:
  • Recommendations for good equipment
  • Setting up your work environment (Ubuntu Stuido, Jack, Adrour, Plugins)
  • Using Ardour (DAW)
  • Editing and using Effects, introduction to audio effects
  • Crash-course jingles and background music


fnordkollektiv takes part in the development of the community version of WorkAdventure and is in regular contact with The Coding Machine, makers of WorkAdventure.

In this course we teach you how to set up your own WorkAdventure world and/or how to operate your own WordkAdevnture server.

Course content:
  • The 'Tiled' editor
  • Finding and using tile sets
  • Adding functionality to tiles: blocking, effects, interactive elements
We provide course documents a training world and a training repository.


While some people see privacy an obstruction for thair business we at fnordkollektiv belive it can be used effectively and gives you enhanced IT security 'for free'. In this course, help you to author a good privacy policy that fits your business. The course is no legal advice.

Course content:
  • What is personally identifiable information?
  • What data is especially worthy of protection?
  • Who checks if you comply with data protection law and what are the possible fines?
  • Victim rights
  • Impact assessment and risk analysis
  • The data processing agreement
  • What are TOMs?
  • Privacy Quiz


Everybody is talking about configuration management with Ansible. We show you how you can automate your infrastructure with Ansible and have more time for the better things in life.

Course content:

  • Ansible command line usage.
  • The inventory
  • Playbooks and Modules
  • Templates with Jinja2
  • Executing playbooks
  • Ansible Lint & Debugging
  • Ansible Vault

Git & Gitlab

Git is a powerful versioning tool. In this workshop we show you what you can do with it an how you can used it with Gitlab to improve your software development and deployment processes.

Course content:
  • Why Git?
  • Git fundamentals
  • Branches
  • How to merge
  • How to change history
  • Tips and tricks

Linux S.O.S

The course is targeted at Linux novices and people switching from Windows. If you have any questions or things don't work as they should, we can answer them and help you with your switch to open source.