The fnordkollektiv logo consisting of a stylized 'f' and 'k' on a black background.


Logo of the KOM-IN network. A square drawn with yellow dots and the text 'KOM-IN-Netzwerk' in green on the right.
KOM-IN-Netzwerk e.V.

We help KOM-IN to improve their media player for the visually impaired.

Logo of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences.
Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin

We help Catholic University of Applied Sciences to build a virtual campus in WorkAdventure, add Moodle integration and single sign-on. We also conduct WorkAdventure workshops.

Logo of the WeltWeitWissen Conference.
WeltWeitWissen 2022

We provide technical support for the WeltWeitWissen2022 congress by building a WorkAdventure instance, providing the Jitsi infrastructure and helping with the live stream.

Logo of the Wolfgang Borchert Theatre.
Wolfgang Borchert Theater

We provide general technical support for Wolfgang Borchert Theater.

Logo of the msg systems AG showing the letters 'msg' in gray.
msg systems ag

msg systems ag is a German IT service provider headquartered in Ismaning close to Munich.

Our Projects


Picture of a FairPhone running FnordOS

We have developed fnordOS - a port of LineageOS (Android) for Fairphones.

fnordOS Repository

Contact us

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