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Companies and Open Source only - Does it work?

It does! We use almost all the services we offer ourselves.

For example, we use the following open source software in our daily operations:

  • Time Management: Kimai
  • Cloud: Nextcloud
  • Automation: Ansible
  • SSO: Keycloak
  • Chat: Matrix
  • Git-Repository: selfhosted Gitlab
  • Digital Workplace: WorkAdventure
  • Video Conferences: Jitsi
  • Forum: Discourse
  • Linux OS: different flavors
  • Pads: Hedgedoc, Cryptpad

There are now various concepts for how companies can design their own Linux workstations, and public authorities are also starting to rethink their approach. The use of open source is becoming increasingly important. We are part of the open source movement and support companies and educational institutions in switching to open source software. For more data sovereignty and data protection.

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