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WorkAdventure for educational use

WorkAdventure? Hasn't it lost its hype since Corona? Now that everything is back to normal? No. We have continued since then and see enormous potential for the use of WorkAdventure, especially in universities. x

Why should WorkAdventure be used in education?

There are many reasons why WorkAdventure should be used in education:

Logistical reasons

  • 1. students do not need to be on site to participate in WorkAdventure (e.g. illness/university closure etc.).
  • 2. not everyone can study in the university library, some can do this best from home and in peace. Without disturbing noises.
  • 3. not everyone lives near the university, some live outside and have to commute to study. That's a thing of the past, too.

New ways of Learning

  • 4. workAdventure offers the opportunity to apply new learning methods in the field of gamification, so that knowledge can be acquired in a playful way. It is not only possible to receive (self-designed) badges for each (self-programmed) task solved, but also to link established learning systems such as Moodle with WorkAdventure.

Study plans / Libraries / Collaboration

  • 5 You can combine everything in one software. Access the most important documents/materials via a Nextcloud or a pad for collaborative work (Cryptpad, Hedgedoc).
  • 6. Timetables can be created live in WorkAdventure.

Consultation at home

  • 7. You no longer have to leave the house for counseling sessions.

How can WorkAdventure be used in education?

Such a system is suitable for practically the entire educational sector. From elementary school for learning the ABC's, to simple games for media education, to university or adult education. It could also be used in vocational training. The possibilities are endless.

How much does it cost?

This also depends on several factors. Creating a WorkAdventure world is quick and easy. As with many things, you need a concept of what you want to achieve with the world, how you want to implement it, and whether it is technically feasible. We would be happy to help you create your WorkAdventure. Just write to us.

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